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Root ball vase £119 
Approx. 25h x 40w x 40d  
Root umbrella stand £95 
Approx. 65h x 26w 26d 
Root Heart large £89 Approx.55h x 55w Small £49 
Approx. 35h x 35w  
Teak root trug £39 
Approx. 15h x 40w x 20d 
Root Leaf Bowl £45 
Double coat tree £299 
Approx.198h x 40w x 40d 
Large heart mirror £179 Approx. 90h x 90w 
Set Of 3 Root Wild Mushrooms £95 
Tree Wine Rack 
8 Bottle £109  
6 Bottle £89 
Large root bowl £69 
Approx. 15h x 60w x 60d 
Root boat planters 
Large £89 30h x 90w x 32d 
Small £69 30h x 70w x 30d 
Small heart mirror £99 Approx.65h x 65w  
Root sculpture hole 
£149 Approx 100 h 
Tree Wine Rack 
12 Bottle £169 
Medium root bowls £39 
Approx 15h x 40w x 
Root forest vases 
Tall £195 Approx.100h x 45w x 45d 
Small £79 Approx.52h x 30w x 30d 
Root branch miror round £149 
Approx.70h x 70w 
Root Forest Sculptures 
Large £159 Approx. 160h 
Small £129 Approx. 100h 
Root rectangular mirror £249 
100h x 70w  
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